Maritime Security Services

Our services in this field incorporate the protection of all kinds of vessels against current piracy. We utilize approved and recommended methods of protection which are implemented onboard the vessel by our Team Leader and Team Members in conjunction with the Master and crew. We abide by a strict code of rules and ethics, to protect the vessel and its crew whilst concentrating on preventing injury, damage or loss of life to any parties concerned.

We can, upon request, provide our clients with comprehensive documentation on our services that can be tailored to suit each individual in accordance with their requirements.

Upon discussion and agreement with our clients, we are able to dispatch manpower and action weapons given a few days notice to all areas where permitted, in order to board your vessels for passages through the volatile areas.

We strive to implement procedures in order to avoid delays and bureaucracy, as and where possible, undertaking the majority of arrangements and documentation in order to simplify operations for the client and to seek the most economical methods available for the operation without ever compromising on the service.

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