Mission Statement

The Leaders and Personnel who operate the company are well qualified and experienced in different aspects of the Maritime Security Industry, together forming a valuable team of Operators, Supervisors, Sourcing Personnel and Organisers with both the technical and legal backup required to thoroughly perform the demanding duties sought of us.

The Shareholders of the company, together with part of its present staff, have been involved in protecting commercial vessels and Superyachts over the past 4 years on a full time basis, which includes transiting vessels safely through the Gulf of Aden and across the Indian Ocean on over 100 occasions. Our fundamental purpose is to fully protect commercial and private vessels from piracy on the high seas, by concentrating on prevention rather than cure.

We are fully regulated in the Maritime Security Industry to the highest standards possible as recommended and required by the various organisations and laws of the seas. We aim to fulfil all aspects required in order to become one of the leading small companies in the Anti-Piracy industry today. We aim to excel in all aspects of the business, to provide the best, most experienced and qualified personnel and a wholly dependable professional service that continues to provide support prior to, throughout and post all operations.

Our company commits to the responsible provision of Security Services so as to support the rule of law, respect the human rights of all persons, and protect the interests of their clients. We are current signatories to the ICOC.

Our company affirms that we have a responsibility to respect the human rights of, and fulfil humanitarian responsibilities towards, all those affected by their business activities, including Personnel, Clients, Suppliers, Shareholders, and the
population of the area in which services are provided.

The manner in which we feel we have achieved recognition by clients worldwide can be summarised as follows:

* The company is structured to ensure that it complies with all current regulations and Laws

* We have devised methods to ensure all changes in regulations are referenced and updated

* We ensure a thorough vetting service for recruits is in place and is properly utilised

* We ensure all staff attend periodic training courses to enhance their knowledge

* We research, update, retain and enforce all local regulations in areas used by our staff

* We develop systems to identify and renew all certificates, policies, and licences prior to expiration

* We develop strong, unbiased, transparent, professional relationships with foreign officials, agents and related service providers in the terrains utilised, in order to gain trust and dependency and enhance the company’s reputation which in turn benefits the client

* We provide strict, workable and concise Standing Orders and Standard Operational Procedures for the manpower to follow and enforce, ensuring that all sections of the procedures are understood by each team member and carried out, with emphasis on
safety, protection and prevention of the loss of life

* We retain strict and concise rules on Emergency Procedures that can be immediately implemented by any duty staff should a situation arise whereby an early warning system is put into effect and all parties and authorities concerned are contacted swiftly
in order for rapid action to be taken to prevent any unlawful acts and preserve the safety of personnel involved

* We provide a courteous and considerate economical, dependable and highly qualified professional service to the client, with the least business disturbance possible, whilst retaining a high level of advice and implementation of security onboard the clients

* We periodically research, collate and retain knowledge on all aspects of the industry so as to be in a position to offer professional sound advice to any party requiring such advice

* We instil into all personnel the need to act impartially, without prejudice, courteously and professionally at all times when in the field, representing their company

* We ensure that accurate records are kept of all incidents during transits which also include records of all personnel, certification and training


We have a sound understanding of the relevant sections of the following international conventions and generic codes for the security industry:

Best Management Practices (Current Version)

UNCLOS – United Nations Convention on the law of the sea

SUA - Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against the Safety of Maritime Navigation

SOLAS including the ISPS code

UN Basic Principals on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials (1990)

ICOC-PSSP (International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers)

The Voluntary Principles


Phoenix Maritime Protection 2012