Corporate Services

Our services in this field incorporate the protection of people, whether this be individuals or groups, as well as venues on a worldwide basis.

Our manpower, whether as individuals or in teams, are highly skilled and discreet in their methods of operation and have a range of specialities and language proficiencies. They are physically fit and mentally agile and are accustomed to performing split-second decision making and problem solving.

Use of this service requires comprehensive discussion and planning in order for us to select the best possible individuals for the task required. Confidentiality and discretion is of paramount importance to ensure total security for the client and our manpower are trained to perform in a professional manner at all times.

Investigation is our forte within our Corporate Services field, conducted by qualified and experienced personnel hailing from professional British Government based careers.

This service is of a highly confidential nature and covers surveillance, asset tracing, missing persons tracing, wanted persons tracing, employment vetting, fraud enquiry and many other associated aspects of the profession. We abide at all times by the Data Protection Acts in force in the various countries and we do not undertake any tasks that may be illegal, immoral or conflicting in the slightest possible manner.

SIA (Close Protection) Licence No: 1006564302399941

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