About Phoenix Maritime Protection

The company’s directors and staff mainly comprise of former members of Classified Professions within the British Government’s Forces and Specialist Units, extremely conversant with Terrorist, Piracy and Kidnap & Ransom scenarios including other Extremist types of threats,crossing many differing terrains, both on land and at sea.

The operations staff and its manpower teams are qualified and highly experienced in Maritime transits throughout the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, having completed a great deal of transits over the past years. Our teams comprise of highly trained, carefully selected international specialists, predominantly from British Government Forces backgrounds. All team members are insured against injury or loss of life and are covered for medical and repatriation expenses thereby relieving clients from any such liabilities. The company holds Public, Pollution Liability and Failure to Perform Professional Indemnity Section Insurance Cover,each in the sum of US$ 5,000,000.00 as per the Guardcon requirements and recommendations, thereby exempting the client from such liabilities during a transit.

Our longstanding dedicated careers have combined experiences, specialist manpower and resources to fight piracy on the high seas, protect high net worth individuals, perform investigations and deal with all types of marine matters worldwide.




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